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Volume 8 (4); 25 December 2018

Research Paper

Management review of the economic, social and cultural performance of the municipality and city council (case study: city council of Shirvan).

Banaeian H and Parhizkar A.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 8(4): 86-94, 2018; pii:S232247701800011-8

City councils always played a major role in improve the quality of citizen life. This study which evaluated the performance of Shirvan city Council has been done with descriptive-analytical and according to survey and library data. Proven method assumptions in this study citing on data from the questionnaires have been analyzed. Statistical population includes two groups. First was in urban experts and second was the citizen of the Shirvan city. For determining the sample size for the group of residents Cochran's formula was used. Which sample size was 384 that was completed by random and stratified distributed. But for sample of experts we used snowball method which the number of experts samples in this study reached 15 cases. KS test was used in analyzing the data in order to determine the normal distribution of scores and use one-sample T-test and Binominal test to evaluate the performance of the city Council Shirvan and Also Mann–Whitney U test and independent T to compare the views of citizens group and experts group. The results of this study indicated that economic performance of the city council of Shirvan was not good. Of course the social function was better than economic performance and is investigated beyond acceptable medium. However, the best performing of city council of Shirvan is cultural performance that this value is 3/89.
Keywords: City Hall, City Council, Economic Performance, Social Function, Shirvan City, Cultural Performance

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