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Volume 9 (4); 25 December 2019

Research Paper

The role of organizational agility on the relationship between organizational information technology capabilities and competitive performance; case study: Mellat bank.

Babazadeh R and Jafari Titkanloo S.

J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 9(4): 16-24, 2019; pii:S232247701900004-9


This study aimed to investigate the role of organizational agility in relation between organizational intelligence capabilities and competitive performance in Mellat Bank. This research was descriptive survey. The community consists of two groups of experts of the central organization and managers of Mellat Bank Branches in Mashhad. In total, the population of this study was 367 people, and 225 people were selected using available sampling. The tool used in this research was a researched-based native-based questionnaire. Its factual validity, using the views of professors and experts, verified the structure through confirmatory factor analysis and its reliability through the Cronbach's alpha coefficient was examined and confirmed. Took The data analysis method was structural equations through the software PPS; the results of path analysis indicated that the IT capability of the organization has a positive and significant effect on market agility and its operation. Also, agility in operations can affect agility in the market and agility in the market can lead to high competitive performance.

Keywords: Competitive performance, Agility in operations, Agility in the market, The ability of information technology

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